You can contribute to NOS’s most important program, get a tax deduction and have your gift doubled! A small group of NOS members is challenging you to give a donation to assure that the critical 4th year of the Ghost Orchid research data will happen. Why? Because our NOS annual sale, usually held in October or November will not take place this year. The sale has been our main fundraiser through the years.

Why is next year so important for the Scholarship program to be funded? Because four years of data are necessary for the software program to use to be able to predict the future populations of Ghost Orchids in SWFL. The crucial fourth year (2018) of data collection is needed for this research. So what is NOS doing about it?

We are holding a Matching Contributions Challenge. For each donation you give to this restricted fund for 2018 scholarships, it will be matched, dollar for dollar, until the matching funds are gone. Think BIG! The Challenge will run through December, 2017. Please send your checks to NOS, P.O. Box 7998, Naples, FL 34101 and mark on the envelop and your check: for the 2018 Scholarship Fund. Or give your donation in a marked envelop to Nanett Boerner, treasurer or Dick Pippen, president. Arrangements can also be made to donate by credit card.

No contribution is too small, but we are hoping you will give generously. This program sets NOS above most other societies that do not place an importance on research and education and are this successful. Please consider giving. NOS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your gift will be tax-deductible.