The 2018 Annual Orchid Show & Sale will be held February 24th and 25th at the Naples Botanical Gardens, 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL.  Show hours will be Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5 pm both days. The theme for the 2018 show is ‘Jewels In The Garden’.

Admission to the show comes from our membership(s) in the Naples Orchid Society, the Naples Botanical Garden, or the normal entrance fees taken by the garden.

The show features prize-winning orchids of many species and hybrids. Card-table size and large floor-size artistic displays of blooming orchid plants, containers full of potted orchids and cut orchid flower arrangements will compete for ribbons and awards. (Click here for 2017 Ribbon winners and 2017 Show Awards). 

American Orchid Society judges award outstanding single plants for best in show in a variety of classes.  Information about the exhibits and plant competitions are contained in the rules and regulations for the show entries.

Only hobby grower members are eligible for the Naples Orchid Society awards, but anyone can enter an individual orchid to be judged for AOS awards. If awarded, the owner of the plant must pay for any AOS award, but can opt out of accepting AOS awards when registering the entry. (Click here for 2017 AOS Award winners)

Orchid vendors will be present at the show to sell beautiful blooming orchids and orchid supplies. The vendors for the 2018 show are Florida SunCoast Orchids, Krull-Smith Orchids, Mac’s Orchids, Odoms Orchids, OFE International—Orchid Supplies, and Bactra Orchid Benches. NOS members host the show and are available to explain how to care for and grow all kinds of different orchids.

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Click here for a list of previous years show theme.